The say, about wars, that the first victim is the truth. In the misinformation skirmishes so far about A.I. watchers and their worst fears is an interesting study. When the history of humans is written, the only thing which might have an 'extinction event' is truth.

Thanks for writing a great piece.

I enjoyed it and I trust that you wrote it using tools ....



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Some bakers will always want to bake their bread the same way forever.

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Thanks for another great article Birgitte! You bring up many interesting points. If you recall, YouTube figured out that it could not escape copyright violations of music used as background by its users, so there was an “Uber moment(1)” where they chose to allow those violations BUT find a way to compensate the music copyright owners. Not sure if it was fairly, but the users didn’t have to change their new ways and I don’t see a raging legal war over copyrighted background music in YouTube.

More later on another comment.

(1) Medallions, imagine if writers had to have a Medallion to write on the Internet!

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